Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Antiques & Butterflies

This afternoon I found this gorgeous bed at an antique shop. I think the details are so lovely. It's French and over 100 years old. I really like the floral engravings through out the pattern. And look at the very top of the headboard, isn't that a fabulous touch. The carved basket is so more impressive in person. I've already sent this picture to my husband and begged him for this bed. He has a meeting late into the evening so the shop will be closed by the time he gets home. I'm crossing my fingers that it won't be snatched up before I get the opportunity to show him.

My husband has a house rule. Anything over a certain price range I'm not allowed to buy without permission. I've got a few things by him in the past. But a bed! No such luck. I would have a hard time explaining that one. I can just imagine that conversation taking place. It would go something like this:

Me- "Look at this incredible bed I found."
Hubby- "Very nice. How much did it cost me?"
Me-"I got a really great deal on it."
Hubby- "I'd like to see what you consider a deal. The receipt please."
Me- "Shucks."

Look at this fantastic 19th Century Henry II armoire. It's also French. I love the elegant twisted columns and the carved frieze. I can already fantasize where I'd place it. It's absolutely amazing.

On another note, I recently came across a stunning porcelain collection called FRANZ Papillon Butterfly. Very unique pieces. I have a friend who loves collecting butterfly decor. This will make the perfect gift for her birthday. I'm thinking of ordering her a tea cup.

Here are a few more examples of unique but lovely pieces they carry. Wouldn't they make the perfect accent for a garden party?


Trish said...

I'm cracking up because that conversation is heard all too often at our house! HEE!!

Seriously beautiful finds, you have such a great eye for antiques/furniture! LOVE those butterfly pieces too :)

Lexilooo said...

that is GORGEOUS and I hope he says yes!

if you are ever in DC, we must go antiquing, and when I come to TX, you must take me to your favorite shops!

Miss Janice said...

LOVE that bed. It's the same way at my house. I spend money all the time and get what I want within a certain $$$$ amount!:) Then I have to do my little 'pretty please' speech! Thank you so much for remembering my friend Jan in your prayers.

kay said...

I love the teapot set! I also just love the bed! I can not wait to hear if you got it!! I really hope you do!

Jill said...

The bed is absolutely AMAZING! I'm keeping my fingers crossed you get it.