Monday, April 26, 2010

Exciting weekend

My husband and I had a very eventful trip. We ate a ton of crawfish and shrimp over the weekend. We always pig out when we are back in New Orleans. My mother-in-law loads us up with all sorts of Southern fried delicacies. I love visiting Louisiana. No matter how small or how big I happen to be during our trip my mother-in-law always looks at me and says, "Don't you eat over there in Texas? Look at her! She's all skin and bones." HA! I've gained nearly 15 lbs in the past three years (I'm far from being skin and bones). However, that's a true Southern Mama to want to give you tupperware and bags full of food when you leave. We give most of it away when we arrive home because we just don't have any room for it in our pantry/fridge. My husband says, "No use arguing with her. Just take it." So today I'm going to drop some off to our neighbors and then hit the gym.

We also had a scary event. My husband's family doesn't only reside in New Orleans but also in Mississippi. We were surprised to hear of the twister that hit outside of Yazoo City. We are grateful that his relatives were safe but our hearts go out to those who lost their homes and loved ones. Mississippi is full of good hearted people and I hate to hear something like this happen. One thing I love about Mississippi is the people who come out to help. Within an hour people arrived with food, water, chainsaws, etc. and began helping immediately. During hurricane Katrina it was the same way over in Biloxi, Pass Christian, and Gulfport. Please keep Mississippi in your prayers today. God Bless them as they recover.

Now for the BIG dining room table arrived!!! It arrived late Friday evening. I had no idea that it was in. My husband surprised me with the delivery. I'm so ecstatic to finally have a table once again. I was so disappointed to leave the next day for our mini get-away but it gave me something to look forward to coming home to. I was up late last night reupholstering a chair when we got back. I only managed to finish a single chair but it was exciting to see the transformation. My husband laughed and told me to stop decorating and get some sleep. This afternoon I'll be working on the others. I have a total of 8 chairs, 1 high chair, and one bench. It's going to be a LONG day.

Here's some before and after pictures.

Before -We like the dark rich colors in our house so the white really stands out. I came across this fabulous new fabric months ago at a large fabric warehouse in Houston. I've been itching to use it. The colors are perfect and match everything in the house.

After- Here's the new fabric.

What do y'all think? I love this fabric. I can't wait to see the entire set completed. I'll be sure to share pictures once I'm finished. I also got a new bed. I'll post on that this week as well. Wishing everyone a very happy Monday.


Anonymous said...

I love the chair! Can't wait to see them all finished and the bed! I hate tornadoes...keeping these people in my prayers! Hope your having a great day! xoxo

GamecockQueen said...

Yes maam, that is a Southern Mama for you! I love it!

Love the new chair fabric too. Very classy :-)

Miss Janice said...

LOVE that chair fabric on those beautiful chairs. I was also concerned about the tornadoes in Mississippi because we have a house in DeSoto County (near Memphis) and friends all around that area!

Trish said...

Hi sweetie! Sounds like a fabulous trip to New Orleans, I am so jealous of all your crawfish and shrimp, YUMMMM!! I am going down next weekend to see my MIL and I can't wait! Love that Southern Mama - my mother, MIL, grandmother, all the same, so sweet. I was worried all weekend about those tornadoes...everyone in MS has been in my prayers.

Oh my gracious, your table finally came in! And that fabric is absolutely divine, you have such regal taste. You'll have that furniture for years to come, what a wonderful investment! I am sure you both are thrilled, I know excited you must be now that it is actually in your home!

Hope you're having a great week, Gigi! XOXO Big hugs!