Friday, October 16, 2009

The President and Nachos

Airforce One just landed in Houston and the President along with secret service drove by our house. Well, actually they were about 5 miles away from our home heading north (causing traffic jams). He's headed to College Station to speak at Texas A&M for former President George H.W. Bush (who also resides in Houston). Aggie nation is very conservative so it will be interesting to see how they welcome him into Bush country.

Tonight my husband and I are heading downtown to watch a hockey game, Houston Aeros. They are playing the San Antonio Rampage. My husband has been working long hours this week so he's excited. This will be the first game of the season for us. I have a large jalapeno nacho with my name on it, LOL!

This is going to be an awesome day. Finally we got a cold front that rolled in last night and it feels great outside. I actually have the french doors propped open as to invite the fresh air in. I'm planning on taking full advantage by hitting the greenbelts and working in my yard this afternoon. Hope y'all have a fantastic weekend.


Jill said...

It completely annoys me when a Pres is flying into an airport I'm at or close to. It would probably especially annoy me if it were THIS Pres. Ha, Ha! I know I can say that to you. :)

Have fun tonight. I the LOVE nachos at stadiums. I call them skanky nachos. Why are they SO good, yet so processed and bad? Enjoy every bite! I'm so jealous of your dinner tonight.

midnight macaroons said...

LOL, Richard said having Obama that close to our house is bringing down the value of our you can see we are NOT Obama fans. Especially since my husband is in healthcare.

Petunia said...

I know EXACTLY how your husband feels. In this household, with the two of us in healthcare, we bristle at the mere mention of the O word.