Saturday, October 17, 2009


Last night we went to the Toyota Center to watch the Houston Aeros. Y'all, we had the best time. It was Michael Jackson appreciation night so everyone got a MJ glove. The entire night they played Michael Jackson songs. Everyone was dancing in the stands and even the mascot, Chill E. Dog, got in on the action. It was hilarious to watch him bust out into the MJ moves. I got a big kick out of watching the cheerleaders too. I use to be a cheerleader and was laughing as you could see they didn't know the routines and one even tripped and fell. I guess that's not a nice thing to say but it was still funny to watch. They had several schools there singing patriotic songs and the kids were really cute. I was amazed how many kids and families were there last night. And the kids didn't totally annoy me. They were actually well behaved and I didn't see anyone act like an idiot considering they were serving alcohol. All and all it was a good night. And the best part....HOUSTON WON!!! 5-2 GO AEORO'S!!!

The Houston Aeros warming up before the game

My adorable husband wearing his new Aeros hat

Our $20.00 Nachos!!! Yummm, check out all those jalapenos!!!

Mascot Chill E. Dog dancing to Billy Jean. My husband and I loved when he would throw his head back like MJ use to do. It was so funny...


Jill said...

TWENTY DOLLARS for nachos!!! Remember when they were five bucks? I sound like my dad. Ha! Ohhh... but they look so good.

midnight macaroons said...

My husband corrected me. He said the stadium nachos were $6.00/each and then we got a large drink for $5.50. That came out to $17.50. I just remembered seeing a $20 bill. I forgot we got the drink. That makes me feel better because I thought that was really expensive for nachos. Now I can buy double nachos next game, LOL!

What gets me is when people have 4 to 5 kids and each kid gets their own nacho plus large drink. For a family that would cost a fortune. You can tell we don't have kids, LOL! I'm one of those cheap people who still hides candy in my purse when we go to the movies, LOL!