Monday, October 12, 2009

Awww....Isn't my hubby sooo cute?

I was organizing old pictures and came across a few of my hubby when he was a little boy. They were too cute I just had to post them.

My hubby (far right) was second up for "Mr. Catfish" in Covington, LA.... Don't y'all think that middle kid who won is creepy? The twin boys reminds me of my twin sisters when they were kids (except they aren't boys, LOL)...

Hubby is about 4 years old and he was really into Lone Ranger. Check out those pants? I told him he needs to get a pair of those for when we hit the town. I'm sure people wouldn't forget his name in pants like that, LOL....

Awww, hubby in his suit. He was sporting suits all the way back in the early 70's.

My father-in-law use to work for NASA and use to take hubby to the work site. He use to love to look at the rocket and planes. That was a little NASA plane he use to carry around with him instead of a stuffed animal.


Jill said...

Awww... these photos are so precious. I'm dying laughing at the Mr. Catfish contest. That is so funny and so cajun! Love it.

And~ you have twin sisters? I love twins; they seem so fun. I've even thought about requesting twins when I get to adopt from China someday.

midnight macaroons said...

Yes, I have twin older sisters. They are identical twins. However, Kristy has freckles and Heather doesn't.

I know isn't it funny. I always call Richard my "Mr. Catfish" LOL!