Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Tablescape

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful holiday. My husband and I spent it over in Cajun Country this year. It was so relaxing and we enjoyed catching up with our Cajun friends. Our friends have a cottage just outside of Lafayette that we love to stay in.

Isn't this the most adorable cottage? Let me tell you, it's the best way to enjoy a relaxing time on the Bayou.

My husband and I spent Thanksgiving day just the two of us. I hit Hobby Lobby prior to our trip and purchased some fabric as a tablecloth. I put together a little romantic dinner for us to celebrate the festivities.

I came across these amber wine glasses at Pier 1 this season. They just screamed Thanksgiving so I felt I had to incorporate them into my tablescape this year. The candlesticks were purchased at a thrift store over the summer for only a $1.oo.

A few months ago I noticed that Hobby Lobby had a 50% sale on all of their faux fruit. I quickly gathered all the grapes and plums I could find. They were the closest to the harvest decor I had envisioned. Next year I'll add acorns and perhaps some wheat to the theme. However, this year my table was so small it wasn't worth packing as I was limited to room due to traveling during the holiday.

I couldn't stop at the fruit as I wanted to add a little twist to my plates. It's the little details that really make the table pop and I wanted to make our Thanksgiving special even though it was just going to be us. So I made this accent by twisting a few silk flowers and ribbon together and adding them on top of the plates. I was pleased with the results.

Here are my Johnson Brothers Heritage Hall plates. I thought the colors would be perfect for my Thanksgiving tablescape. I've always been a fan of Spode's Woodland collection and noticed the similarities with the color and scroll patterns with the Heritage Hall plates. I'm so happy I decided to purchase these and they really fit my personality more.

This is my favorite plate. It is the salad plate but look closely at the scene. It's an old picture of the French Quarter in New Orleans. I truly couldn't have passed up buying these plates once I saw New Orleans.

And y'all know how much I adore plantations. Plantations and New Orleans....could it get any better? I think not.

It was a gorgeous day on Thanksgiving day. It was 85 degrees!!! However, that night we had a huge thunderstorm roll in and the temperature dropped to 43 degrees. That's a big drop, y'all. Thankfully I brought a jacket and sweater. The storm was so powerful that it knocked the power out in half of Lafayette. Thankfully when we returned out little cottage had power and was quite warm and cozy.

I love the view from the side porch. I cracked open the side kitchen door as I was cooking up our holiday meal. I had Zydeco music playing in the back ground and the birds were all singing in a bush near the porch. It was picture perfect and will always warm my heart as a fond memory. Reminds me of being at my grandparents house when I was a little girl.

You can see in the distance the small lake. In the morning you see the steam come off the water. It makes for a beautiful picture but unfortunately I didn't remember to take one. Next trip I'll be sure to do that.

Beautiful cottage, beautiful day, beautiful view, beautiful table, beautiful meal, and of beautiful husband. This was a great Thanksgiving.


susan said...

What a beautiful place to spend Thanksgiving! AND there is no one who knows how to cook better than Cajuns! I love your Johnson Bros. Thank you so much for your sweet and thoughtful comment on my "in his hands" post. You are right. Sometimes words are not needed--just shoulders and prayers. Thank you for both.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and very elegant table!!!
Kisses from Croatia.