Monday, November 1, 2010


I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween weekend. Ours was busy. We finally made it to the polls on Friday afternoon for early voting. The polls were held at our community's new library. I was pleased to finally find an opportunity to visit. We have a fabulous modern two story library that was just built a year ago. You can even go online and reserve your books. They will have them waiting at the pick up counter for you. Completely opposite from what I grew up with (Dewey decimal system). Yep, we had to actually put a little effort into locating the book we wanted back then. :)

Our new library

We unfortunately weren't the only people who thought of early voting on Friday afternoon. The parking lot was so crowded that we had to park on the street. Then we stood in line for almost an hour. The line snaked outside and inside the building. One man standing in line behind us made everyone chuckle as he said we were all last minute early voters, Ha! Watch there will hardly be anyone in line on Tuesday.

Pictures I found of new library

Do y'all remember Spy vs. Spy?

Yesterday we also had a big visit from Texas Governor Rick Perry. He came to visit our community to thank everyone for their support during his campaign. I've met Governor Perry a few years ago when we lived back in Austin. He's really down to earth and a funny guy. He has sort of a John Wayne characteristic about him that I like.

There's a house in our neighborhood (2 streets over) that builds a haunted house for the neighborhood kids. One of our neighbors says the man is an engineer and his neighbor is a software engineer. They start working on the haunted house six months in advance. They have special effects, lighting, and all. This brings a lot of kids to our neighborhood so you can imagine the trick or treating scene around here. Last year and this year we have run out of candy (big Costco size bags). Thankfully the little ones received the most candy out of the group that visited our house. My favorite costumes this year was a little girl (2 years old) dressed as a bumble bee and another girl (6 years old) dressed as a big piece of candy corn. They were both really cute.

Since our weekend was a busy one I didn't have a lot of time to decorate for Halloween. However, I did manage to make my traditional chicken & dumplings for supper.

My new pumpkin soup tureen

Pumpkin bowls

My little scarecrow that I found at a thrift shop for only a $1.00

My husband's great great grandmother's oil lamp from the Civil War
I put a bow on it and stuck it on the table as an accent piece

How was your Halloween weekend?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and interesting post!Happy halloween!

kay said...

Love the pumpkin bowl! Don't you love a great find at the thrift store?!!That is so sweet that you found a way to incorporate his family heirlooms to your holiday table.

GamecockQueen said...

The oil lamp is a really nice touch. I love it. The bowls are soo cute!! Halloween is my favorite time of year.

Jill said...

I'm laughing out loud about the dewey decimal system! So true and looking back it was kinda of pain to find a book. Things sure have changed.

Your pumpkin soup bowl is SOOO cute and the Chicken and Dumplings looks really good.

Yay for Perry!!!