Saturday, December 4, 2010

Y'all, I'm so excited!!!

I've shared with y'all that my husband has decided to go to law school. Well, this past Friday we got the big news. He got into his #1 choice. Looks like we are moving to Mississippi.

I'm very excited about this next chapter in our lives. However, I'm a bit overwhelmed with leaving the Lone Star. We've been calling Texas our home for nearly 6 years. It will be strange not to be a Texan any longer. I remember pulling into Austin and unloading the moving boxes from my car. It seems so long ago. I also remember getting the news that we had to move to Houston for work. I thought the traffic was bad in Austin, ha! Houston definitely takes the cake on traffic. It seems like only yesterday turning the key to the front door of this house.

I wonder what my first memory will be of Mississippi?

This past Friday I happened to be driving by one of my favorite thrift shops in Houston. I ran in for a quick tour and came across the most divine little set of plates. I really like the dark blue pattern. I have the perfect cobalt blue goblets that will look perfect with them. I imagined that they would be fab for a summer brunch.

And I wanted to share my little miniature portrait of Napoleon. I happened to spot this little jewel at an estate sale. However, you wouldn't believe what I paid for it. I managed to pick up this little guy for only $20.00!!! On my holiday trip over to Bayou Country my husband and I spotted a few in a pricey antique shop. They were the exact frame and backing as my little Napoleon. However, they were priced over $700.00!!! Yes, I believe that I hit the jackpot. I doubt I'll ever find another miniature portrait (not be mistaken for miniatures) again at this price. I did find a scratch that I'm hoping a dab of black paint will fix. This will be going in my bedroom.


Ruth said...

Congrats to your hubby!

Bella Michelle said...

Yipppeee for your DH!!!! Yippeee for you both on the new adventure! I can't wait to explore your new part of the world with you through this blog. Merry Christmas, dear blog friend.

GamecockQueen said...

Congrats!! That's exciting. I think you will like MS. You'll be closer to me, maybe I'll come visit! LOL

The plates are so pretty. I think they will be fantastic w/ blue goblets.