Monday, August 2, 2010

My 10 Favorites

This afternoon I got my color touched up at the salon. I always enjoy my visit to the salon because my stylist is so much fun. We always share reviews on movies, music, and products. During my visit my stylist and I got into a discussion over the 10 Favorite things we love. It was interesting to hear her list and I can't wait to try some of the things she shared with me. I also really got to know her and found it amusing. I thought it would be fun to share my 10 Favorites with you. I'd love if you would play along and share with me your 10 Favorite things you adore.

1.) Frozen Yogurt- Oh my goodness, I can't even put into words how much I love frozen yogurt. I don't think I can pass a frozen yogurt shop without stopping for one. It's a weakness of mine. I love it! I don't even have a particular favorite flavor. I love it all.

2.) YSL- Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics. I use to be a huge Bobbi Brown gal but was turned onto YSL and since have fallen madly in love. They have the best shades of lipstick and glosses.

3.) Raspberry Ice Tea- I only drink two things during the day, water or tea. Raspberry Quince from The Republic of Tea is my favorite. It has just a hint of raspberry but it's not overbearing like the others.

4.) Garden & Gun- I'm always anxious for the most current issue of Garden & Gun magazine. They have a ton of articles about the South.

5.) Stationary- I'm a little obsessed with stationary. I have note cards and letterhead for specific occasion. I collect stationary and currently have a large satin box full of it. Does anyone else share this obsession? I feel that my stationary expresses who I am. I know it's funny but I've always been a bit of a stationary snob.

6.) Buena Vista Social Club- I'm a big fan of Latin Jazz. This is one of my favorite groups. I usually play BVSC when I'm cooking. It's relaxing and helps me unwind for the day.

7.) MOR Soaps- Another obsession of mine...soaps. I have an entire closet designated to my soaps and bath products. When did this obsession of mine begin? Many years ago when I was still a little girl. I always loved fragrances of perfumes and soaps. I think I was the only 8 year old that had special lotions and powders.

8.) Antiques- I think anyone who has been following my blog for any length of time knows my passion for shopping for antiques. There's something about hunting down a extraordinary piece. It's like buried treasure. I can't explain the overwhelming sensation of tracking down something fantastic but then to learn the history. I just love history and to think of the hidden stories behind each piece makes me appreciate the item that much more. It's like a key connecting the past to the present.

9.) Mercedes- I drive a Mercedes wagon and I truly love my little car. Over the weekend I purchased a fabulous antique chair, side table, and a gorgeous umbrella stand. I didn't have to call my husband for assistance because all I had to do was pop open the back and lay my seats down. Everything fit perfectly and I still had room. It's the perfect little car to explore the antique shops.

10.) Tennis- Although I haven't been out on the courts as much as I would like this summer; tennis is one of my favorite hobbies. All ages can enjoy a game of tennis. I often play with my hubby. We're a bit competitive but all in fun. Back in Austin we would meet a couple every Saturday morning for a game of doubles and then cool down over brunch. I've yet found a couple to play with in Houston (boo-hoo).
Ok, here are my 10 Favorites. I'd love to hear from you. If you don't want to blog about your 10 Favorites you can just list them in your comment. I love learning about others and always find new things I haven't heard of before. Hope you play along.

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Miss Janice said...

I love frozen yogurt also. Can you believe I haven't read Garden & Gun yet...must do! I have a BMW sedan and originally wanted the SUV...however, the seats didn't lay flat, so that was no help in the storage area. :)