Monday, August 16, 2010

Fashion Inspiration

I think Marlene Dietrich had a lot of style for her time. I wish that society would go back to that era where they really took a lot of pride in their appearance. Many people look sloppy these days. They call it casual but it's just plain sloppy to me. The other weekend my husband and I drove to a little authentic Mediterranean restaurant. As we were being seated the young hostess asked why we were so dressed up. I honestly didn't know what to say. We were dressed as in our daily attire (nothing fancy).

I do take pride in what I wear. I try to coordinate my outfits and I believe that accessories can really pull everything together. I often like to reflect back to the 20's and 30's for inspirations. I do not believe in keeping up with fads. I see so many women make that mistake. Often fads are intended to market towards younger women (teens and 20's) but in my opinion I believe women should stay away from them as they mature. There is a saying in France, "Elegance is the privilege of age." I don't understand why everyone in the United States is so fearful of growing older. I embrace each stage of my life and I'm comfortable in my skin. Elegance is the respect that a woman has for herself.

I'm dress extremely conservative and I admire wardrobes full of silk and cashmere. Here is a few ideas I put together from using Marlene Dietrich as my inspiration.

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GamecockQueen said...

I love the black blazer. So classy. Because I live in SC where it is so blazing hot, I have a real affinity for winter clothing. I just love it. I can't wait to get some new fall clothes this year. Of course, living in South Texas I guess you don't have a ton of real winter clothes either :-)