Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Historical Home Wednesday- Five

For this Historical Home Wednesday I've decided to go to Savannah, Georgia. If y'all haven't ever been to Savannah, I highly recommend to jot it down on your top ten places to visit in the US. It's gorgeous and filled with so much history. Not to mention that Paula Dean lives there and runs her little restaurant, Lady & Sons (not too shabby). I have so many good memories of Savannah (shopping, dining, and touring the romantic city). There's a ton of B&B's and unique hotels. It's fantastic!

The house I've chosen to post about belonged to Andrew Low. Who is Andrew Low? Andrew Low was not only a Revolutionary War hero but also a wealthy cotton owner. He had relocated from Scotland at the young age of sixteen to help work at his uncle's cotton firm. He later became a partner.

During construction of the house, his uncle, his wife, and four year old son, all passed away. The house willed the house and entire estate to Andrew. Andrew and his two daughters took residency in 1849.

Five years after the passing of his wife, Low remarried. His new bride, "bright, gay, and beautiful" Mary Cowper Stiles. She was the daughter of William Henry Stiles, United States Minister to Austria. She gave Low three beautiful daughters and son, William Mackay Low, brought much joy to the house.

The Low's love to entertain and hosted many famous house guests during that era. Such as William Makepeace Thackeray and Gerneral Robert E. Lee. Lee was the godfather to Mary and Andrew Low's daughter, Jessie. Can you imagine having Robert E. Lee as your godfather!

In the Parlor you'll find an antique needlepoint screen of two dogs. If you look in the corner of the room you'll see this screen. Although it's not a good picture you can get the idea. The Low's were huge animal lovers and had many dogs. The screen resembled two of their dogs. This screen was saved after

In 1864, Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman led the Union Army in the Civil War. He led his troops destroying and capturing towns through out Georgia, such as Atlanta, stopping at the port of Savannah. The troops not only torched and seized Confederate military property but destroyed businesses and civilian property as well. Just imagine the Republicans and Democratic parties going to war. One party comes through your hometown destroying everything you love, including your house. What they do not destroy they steal. If you were lucky you and your family got out alive with the clothes on your back. Shameful that Americans would attack Americans in this manner. I hope history never repeats itself on our soil.

Mary and Andrew's son, William Mackey Low, inherited the house. William Mackey Low married Juliette Gordon Low in 1886. The two spent much time in England due to William's education. The couple had many English friends such as the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria. How many of us can say we are friends with royalty?

After William passed away, Juliette befriended General Sir Robert Baden-Powell. He was the founder of the Boy Scouts in England. It was through her friendship with him that she ended up forming the Girl Scouts of America after she returned home to Georgia. She left the Carriage House to the Girl Scouts of America in her will upon her death in 1927.

Was anyone a Girl Scout? I was a Girl Scout for two years.


Trish said...

Hi dearest Gigi! Savannah is amazing, I haven't been in about 10 years and am DYING to go back. Perfect location for today's Historical Homes selection! I learned so much from today's post and am ashamed to admit I did not know who Andrew Low was prior to reading this...and I couldn't imagine having Robert E. Lee as a Godfather! Heehee! And Juliette Low! Of course! I was a Daisy, a Brownie, and a Girl Scout until I was 10-11 or so...great memories!

Hope your summer is off to a great start dear friend xoxo

Miss Janice said...

LOVE Savannah. I have a very good friend who lives there and I have an upcoming trip planned to see her. I was a Brownie, but not serious enough back then to be a Girl Scout!:)

Jill said...

Savannah is beautiful! I'd love to live there, in one of the old historical homes. Love this post!

deirdre g said...

What an historical home. The place was so amazing and beautiful.

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