Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Golden Girls


I'm sad to hear that Rue McClanahan passed away today. She was a wonderful actress. I remember her as Aunt Fran on Mama's Family. Did you know that Rue and Betty White were both on Mama's Family? Betty White played Ellen Harper. Did anyone else use to watch Mama's Family back in the day?

However, my favorite character she played was southern belle Blanche Devereaux on the hit sitcom, Golden Girls. She and goofy Rose Nylund (Betty White) were my favorites. However, I can't say I wasn't smitten over Dorthy Zbornak (Beatrice Arthur) and her sarcastic mother, Sophia Petrillo (Estelle Getty). The entire cast was brilliant and gave us a pretty good laugh during the 1980's. I'm happy to say that I was lucky enough to grow up in that era when the family gathered around and watched fun light hearted sitcoms together.

I remember watching this episode. I hope you also get a good laugh.

We'll miss you Rue!

Thank you for the good times.....


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Lexilooo said...

That GG clip had me in tears! It's been too long since I've watched. I think I need the box set!

I was so sad to hear this news this morning.

Your heart is true; you're a pal and a confidant...