Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dallas, Texas

I'm exhausted. I just finished packing my suitcase for our upcoming trip. I know I should be in bed but I'm too exhausted to sleep. Ever been? My husband is pulling a shift tonight (last one) and will have nearly five consecutive days off. I say nearly because he's still working. My husband is like a little tornado and is always working on something. He's off from the ER and surgical center for the next five days but he has a speaking engagement at a conference in Dallas. I'm excited to go because we are staying through the weekend. We are planning on hitting some boutiques, antique shops, and some fantastic restaurants. I've been wanting to try a Greek restaurant not far from where we'll be staying. I've been craving a good Hummus.

Me, I'm planning on relaxing. I packed my Philosophy bubble bath (Strawberry Milk Shake), nail polish (OPI Crepes Suzzette), Harry Conick Jr. CD (old classic one), and a ton of magazines (New Orleans House & Home and Texas Home Living). It will be nice to put my feet up and order room service and not worry about chores, schedules, and errands for a change. Perhaps I will eat Bon Bons, LOL! Y'all have a wonderful week and cross your fingers that I'll find some unique pieces while hitting those antique shops.


Petunia said...

Hope you have fun in Dallas!!

Jill said...

I hope y'all have fun in Dallas. Sounds like a perfect weekend. I've been meaning to email you back. Yesterday I got very sick, I'm supposed to fly to Nashville tomorrow. Ugh. It never fails, I get sick before vacation.

Can't wait to hear about your Dal trip and see the photos.

Nick Phillips said...

Sleep is my hobby so I've never had that feeling of being too exhausted to sleep :D