Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Suggestions for a Baby Shower Gift

I went to the mail box and found an invitation to a Baby Shower for a gal I use to play tennis with back in Austin. She AND her sister are both prego at the same time. Her mom is combining showers and having a BIG party in San Antonio. The invitation is absolutely adorable (pea in the pod) it has a cute green ribbon as the pod.

Baby Bjorn Carrier

This got me thinking about gifts. What on earth should I get her as a gift? I believe newborn clothes are cliche. The baby lives in onesies for the first few months and outgrows everything so fast. Maybe I should get her a stylish diaper bag or baby Bjorn carrier. I loved the Bjorn when I as a nanny. Yes, I use to be a nanny back in college. It was a fun job. I looked after two twin girls and an infant baby boy. I got to travel all over and meet interesting people. Some were celebrities like Jimmy Buffet, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, NFL players, Vera Wang....Ah yes, Vera Wang. Y'all, this reminds me of a hilarious story that I don't really share with many people.

I was staying at a 5 star luxury resort (as a nanny) and got the night off. Being 3,000 miles from home, not knowing a soul, and 20 miles away from the city (without a car), I decided to go down to the hotel restaurant bar and grab a quick bite. It's a tropical paradise that would have been a dream vacation if I'd been there with someone. So, here I am sitting at the bar when a very nice lady and her friend begin chatting with me. During this conversation she compliments me on my dress and asked me, "Who's is it?" Perplexed by her question I replied, "It's mine." Her friend laughed so hard that she spit wine across the bar. I instantly could feel the heat rising to my cheeks as my face turned tomato red. I knew I had said something very foolish. However, the woman again smiles and politely asked, "I was asking who's the designer?" I modestly shrugged and replied, "I got it at TJ Maxx." I believe she and her friend got a bigger kick out of my second response than the first.

Shortly after the woman introduced herself. Again, I was completely clueless. I had the notion that I should have known her name by the way she paused for my reaction. But I continued talking as if I were speaking to anyone. Midway through the conversation she asked me if I would be interested in flying to NYC to watch a friends daughter during a trip they were planning. I took her card and told her I would think about it. The entire trip when I would run into her she would call out my name and wave to me. It wasn't until a year later I was flipping through a magazine when I saw the familiar face. It was Vera Wang! I could have kicked myself for not calling her back. She and her friend must have had a pretty good laugh. However, she seemed to enjoy that I was 100% clueless of who she was. I just treated her like a normal gal named, Vera.


Jill said...

I have the biggest smile on my face! I love the Vera story. How cool is that???

For the baby shower... Hmmm. I think the two idea you have. It's so hard to shop for babies and still try to be unique.

Zoë Moët said...

That's a great story!

I like the Baby Bjorn idea...I've always thought those were cool.