Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hospitality Queen

Jill over at http://peeptoepumpsandpearls.blogspot.com/ found a cute Hospitality quiz. I decided to take it and see where I stand as a Hospitality Queen. Let me know if you decide to take it too!

Give yourself one point for every question you answer “yes”.

1. Cooked supper last night. No, hubby had a stressed day at work & wanted to eat out. He wanted Princes Hamburgers. A Houston original (0 points).

2. Have at least one apron. I have 6 aprons (1 point)

3. Make weekly menus to grocery shop from I do! Trade back & forth on weekly menus so we don't get tired of eating the same thing. Tuesday is "Spicy Meatloaf" night (1 point)

4. Consider the color of food when you prepare a meal. I often use orange & red bell peppers or fresh fruit as sides to jazz up the color (1 point)
5. Light candles in your home daily Yes, I use Mulberry or Sugar Cookie (1 point)

6. Have at least 10 cookbooks. BONUS Add 5 points if you cook from at least 5 of them! I have about a 60 cookbooks (no joke). And I read cooking magazines too. (1 + 5=6 points)

7. Do you havesomething in your refrigerator/pantry right now that you could prepare a whole meal. Yes, I keep a menu schedule on my pantry door. I also keep a inventory of what's in my pantry and fridge that's written on a chart. Does this make me OCD? (1 point)

8. Know how to make a cheese sauce.(not melted velveeta). Yes, I have a recipe for a white cheese sauce that's out of this world and of course, Chili Con Quaso. (1 point)

9. Have at least 3 different sets of matching napkins/placemats. Have a closet full of linens. It's something that I've been collecting since my first apartment. Love to entertain! (1 point)

10. Have more than 2 sets of dishes Yes, have sets for each holiday & season (1 point)

11. Enjoy reading cookbooks like others enjoy reading magazines/novels Yes!!! (1 point)
12. Entertained in your home within the last month. Last Thursday & hosting a dinner party next week (1 point)

13. Worked in your yard/garden this last week. This morning; it's so hot! (1 point)

14. Know what you are serving for breakfast in the morning. Yes, weekly menu (1 point)

15. Know how to make a curtain - mistreatments count! This is so weird. I made my first valance yesterday afternoon for my home office. I can now proudly answer yes! (1 point)
16. Ever copied a d├ęcor idea from someone else. BONUS Add 5 points if someone has copied an idea from you. Yes and yes (1 + 5=6 points)
17. Do you play background music when entertaining Yes, usually New Orleans style jazz (1 point)
18. Ever crafted your own flower arrangement. BONUS Add 5 points if you used fresh cut
flowers from your own garden/yard. Yes, my favorite are pink roses (1 +5= 6 points)
19. Baked something from scratch within the last month. Chocolate Chip Cookies (1 point)
20. Updated your home for summer. Yes (1 point)

Remember to let me know if you decide to take the quiz!

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Jill said...

You did great on the hospitality quiz! I love that you keep inventory of what's in your pantry. Too funny.