Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My adorable hubby!!!

This is my hubby, Richard. He is so adorable in his scrubs. I never get to see him very often wearing his scrubs anymore. Back in New Orleans he was a trauma nurse in the ER. He use to work at East Jefferson Hospital down town in New Orleans. But he went back to school and got his MBA. I'm very proud of him. It has been a long road but he has accomplished so many great things in our short years of marriage. He is working with a company who builds and manages surgical hospitals in Texas. He is now the Regional Director and he is doing an awesome job. He has even become involved with the healthcare lobbying for surgical hospitals in Texas. I look forward to seeing him succeed many more goals in life. I've got a great husband and marriage. Can't complain......

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Petunia said...

I started out as an O.R. nurse at East Jefferson Hospital, too!!!
Happy Holidays!