Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just fuss'n.....

Could someone PAH-LEEZ explain how this little bag could ring up to $80.00?!!!

I'm sorry but I just don't see $80.00 worth of product here.

This afternoon I stopped by Hallmark to pick up a Birthday gift for my baby nephew (he likes Webkinz). Since I was already there I thought I would browse and pick up a few things for myself. When the clerk rang me up I was shocked at the total. I had to check the receipt twice before I left the store. Not that I didn't want to return anything but gosh golly that seems a lot for what I was walking out with. I wouldn't call myself an impulse shopper. I'm not one you would find roaming around the store searching for nothing (that would be my sister). My weakness are antiques. I probably wouldn't have notice the $80.00 total if I were at an antique shop BUT HALLMARK?!!! I'll have to be more cautious when shopping there. Is there a store that you find yourself scratching your head as you ask yourself, "what on earth did I buy?"

Here are my top five:

1.) Obviously Hallmark.

2.) Costco

3.) Whole Foods - Rule #1: Never shop at Whole Foods when you're hungry.

4.) Hobby Lobby

5.) Target

Yes, these five stores seem to do me in every trip. What are some of yours?


xinex said...

I can't believe that totaled to over $80. Good thing I don't shop at Hallmark....Christine

Jo said...

Yikes! What else do you have hidden in that bag?

I wish we had a Hobby Lobby near us as well as a Whole Foods ~ lucky you.

Thank you for the sweet comments about my son.


GamecockQueen said...

TARGET is so my #1!! I'm downright dangerous in Target. Hobby Lobby is a liability as well.

I have those same candles!! Now, if only the fall weather would cooperate so using them would feel "right."