Thursday, September 23, 2010

Falling in love with Fall

I'm becoming quite giddy as the fall season begins to blow through southern Texas. It's always a good sign when you begin to see the trees shedding their leaves. That's a cue that summer is about over and with a snap of a finger autumn will be making a grand enterance shortly. It's something I've become accustomed to while living in Texas over these past few years. The seasons change literally overnight. One day you have a beautiful spring afternoon and the next you wake up to a hot and humid day that lingers on and on and on. I haven't met anyone yet who has shouted for joy over a Texas summer. I believe once you experience one you'll understand why I feel like a hostage taking refuge in my air conditioned home for nearly 3 months. Summers in Houston are much worse than back in Austin. I thought Austin was hot but it's nothing like Houston. I consider it my hibernation season and with any hibernation it is no wonder I begin to pack on a few unwanted pounds like a hibernating mama bear. However, now that the weather is about to start cooperating I can begin to shed them off on the tennis courts and greenbelts.

I can't wait to start jogging the greenbelts again. I've managed to drag myself unwillingly on them during the past few weeks. Only to arrive back home exhausted and drenched from the terrible humid blanket that covers the city (and that's early in the morning). You know it's going to be hot day when the windows are sweating and it's only 6 am. I can't wait to actually take advantage of exercising outdoors. I'm hate exercising indoors. We had a membership to a great athletic club but they shut down in May after selling the property to an investor group. They had been in business nearly 30 years. I wish they hadn't closed the doors because it was a fabulous club. It had three pools, 10 tennis courts, spinning classes, yoga, aerobics, weight rooms, racket ball courts, etc. Now I try to get at least 50 minutes of cardio on my exercise bike that is crammed in the corner of my office. My office is jam packed with decorating books, sewing machine (that hardly is used), sample binders (from my project manager days), and two massive rolled up Persian rugs. I feel like a trapped hamster running on a wheel rather than exercising. It's not the same experience at all.

Oh yes, I can't wait for the next cold front. They say on the news it'll be arriving this weekend. In the evenings it'll actually be in the 60's. THE 60's!!! I can't even think back to when I actually felt that cool without basking under the AC.

Not only does fall represent cooler weather but it is also when the arts start up again. I've already received the line up for the Houston Opera, Symphony, and Ballet. I can't wait!!! My husband on the other hand can't wait to attend the first hockey game of the season. He loves the Dallas Stars. What are some of the things that you are looking forward to this season?


Anonymous said...

beautiful post, I lake it!!!
Big kisses and nice weekend.

Tamara Jansen said...

Wow! Love that youtube piece! Thanks for posting it. I gotta get the kids to listen to it. Maybe they can play it some day :)