Monday, July 12, 2010


I'm completely envious of a great couple we know. They just returned from an African safari. Oh, I've been dying to go on a trip to Africa ever since I was a little girl. My great aunt lived there for two years and brought back all sorts of pictures, wooden carvings, and stories. She was an English Professor and taught at one of the private schools many years ago.

I've also had other friends who have taken the opportunity to travel to Africa. Not a single person has returned with a negative report. We actually have a dear friend from South Africa that lives in Houston. I adore his charming accent and love to visit him. He's such a joy and has so many interesting stories the foreign country. I've already told my husband that I want him to take me on a African safari for our 10th Anniversary. Oh, I could only imagine seeing the elephants and antelopes roaming through the plains. I always thought that the Texas Hill Country sort of looked like the African plains. At least from the pictures I've seen of Africa. However, the only thing you'll see in the Texas Hill Country plains is a Longhorn or cow, LOL.

Now this is what I call tent camping! Our friends told us that the luxurious tents come with everything you would find in a hotel room, equipped with A/C, down comforters, the works. This is the type of camping a gal can get use to, LOL.

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Lexilooo said...

I'd be okay with a tent like that too! Also, would love to go on a safari. One of the little girls that I sponsor with World Vision lives in South Africa, so I'd love to combine a trip to meet her with a safari!