Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Kitchen Lust

It's time to replace my pots and pans and I've been lusting over a new set. I've had my eye on a Bourgeat copper set. My BFF has a set and I love them. I admire them greatly.

Bourgeat is created in France and made with solid copper. The copper is known for being a excellent heat conductor and retains heat. Not only are they popular among chefs but they also make a beautiful accent. Copper pans are lined with with tin or stainless steel because copper reacts to chemically to certain foods. Always cook with low heat when using copper cookware because it heats very quickly. To clean copper cookware use warm water, a sponge, and dish detergent. Wash by hand rather than the dishwasher to avoid spots. You can use lemon or tomato juice to clean any tarnishing spots.

I also love antique copper molds. I have two round copper molds like this one in my kitchen. I found a bunny and little rooster last summer at a thrift shop for only $3.00/pair!!! The average cost is $25.00/each.

Does anyone else use or admire copper cookware or molds?



Bella Michelle said...

I am also lusting after new cookware! I am desperate need of a new set as well. I will have to check these out!

kay said...

So funny that you posted this, I just read about copper pots in one of my cooking mags and started thinking...would a year be to soon to replace the set I just bought?!!

Lexilooo said...

I have a few copper bottom pots that I inherited from my cousin's other grandmother when she moved to an assisted living home. I am loving them!