Monday, May 3, 2010


I've always admired crystal chandeliers. I love the way they make any room instantly elegant. I remember my grandmother had a gorgeous chandelier hanging over her dining room table. I have a vivid memory of visting her one summer break. I remember she had work done on her chandelier and had given me the defected crystal piece after replacing it with a new one. I remember the excitement I felt as she slid the crystal jewel into my small palm. I felt as if she had given me priceless treasure and guarded it as so; by hiding it in a secret place (my sock). Kids do the funniest things.

That small crystal entertained me for hours that summer. I would sometimes hold it up to my eye and look through it as I focused on objects. Other times I would tilt it just right to capture a ray of sun as it suddenly filled the walls with colorful patterns. As a grown woman, I no longer see them through a child's eyes as a loot but I do find crystal chandeliers something almost magical. They symbolize romance, sophistication, and drip with ultimate style and beauty. It's practically the first thing I notice when I walk into a room. My focus is always captured by my hidden fascination of such delightful glowing simplicity.


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