Monday, March 29, 2010

Birthday Weekend in San Antonio

This weekend we met our favorite couple over in San Antonio. My friend's hubby and my hubby share the same B-day weekend. Her husband's birthday is on the 27th and my husband's is the 28th. We decided to celebrate together. My husband and I arrived a day early so we could go on the Mission tour. San Antonio has several wonderful Missions located in the heart of the city. We've always wanted to tour them for the past few years so this weekend we finally did.

I must admit the weather couldn't have been more perfect. I loved being outdoors this weekend so it worked well with the tour. The San Jose Mission was my favorite. I can't even to begin to describe how lovely it is. You'll just have to look over my pictures to see why.

This is the San Juan Mission. This is another favorite. I love the San Juan Mission bells. And of course I had to take a picture of the hankie. You know how much I adore lace and monogrammed hankies. During our trip to the Mission my husband found a new best friend. This stray little dog kept following my husband where ever he would go. He never left his side. I was thinking, "How on earth are we going to explain to the hotel that we found this dog?" My husband loves dogs and I knew they had formed some type of special bond that afternoon. Thankfully the dog found a new love once it ran towards a woman and her children. They began feeding him cookies so my husband got the brush off, LOL. It was seriously a close call. We almost became proud owners of that little stray dog. I could have kissed that woman for arriving when she did. If you happen to be that woman and you are reading my blog, THANK YOU! My husband has a big heart for animals (especially dogs).

We met up with our friend's at Mi Terra. Everyone loves Mi Terra. How could you not? It's insanely festive. They have a huge display case of desserts and pastries. The display case takes up an entire room. YUM! I also like the live music.

This is baby Reid. I love him sooo much. I couldn't help but kiss those adorable cheeks. And of course Aunt Gigi brought him a bag of goodies. It's my full time job to spoil him.

The next morning we had a lovely birthday brunch on the River Walk. Again, the weather was amazing. We had a fantastic time just relaxing on the restaurant's patio. It was such a fantastic weekend.



Trish said...

Please wish your hubby a happy birthday for me!!! What a fabulous celebratory weekend! Beautiful pictures too. Oh, and that sweet little baby, I am dying from the cuteness!! XOXO

PS thank you for the nice b-day message, you are so very sweet. xoxo

Miss Janice said...

Sounds like y'all had a wonderful trip to San Antonio. I love to visit old the architecture. Happy birthday to your husband:)

GamecockQueen said...

Oh My Goodness! The River Walk is one of my favorite places in the whole world! One of the best places I've been ever, hands down. I could easily live in San Antonio. Looks like you had a fab weekend!

I don't know why I never visited these missions. Must be b/c the last time I was in SA I was 21 and more interested in finding the Senor Frogs LOL.

I forgot, is your hubby in the military?

Lexilooo said...

San Antonio seems like such a great city. I haven't been, but it is on my list!

Happy birthday to your husband!