Monday, February 21, 2011

Product Lover

Ok, so I'm notorious for buying shoes for their style rather than comfort. I can't even begin to tell you how many outings have had to cut short because my feet were killing me. I seriously have suffered for beauty over the years.

About six weeks ago I happened to be flipping through a magazine while waiting in the lobby at my dentist office. I read this horrific article regarding the long term effects women have on their hips, legs, back, and feet caused by the type of shoes we wear. I cringed as I thought of every high heel, mule, and platform sandals I've worn over the years (especially in my twenties). I still remember attending an event over five years ago where my feet were so blistered from a new pair of stilettos I could hardly walk the next day (ouch). I began searching my memory rolodex of all the shoe incidences I've had over my lifetime and it wasn't pretty.

The article stated that knee osteoarthritis is twice as common in women but we don't see the long term effects until we reach our mid forties and fifties. By that time the damage is done. My eyes immediately shot down to the high heel boots I was sporting and I instantly thought about my knee injury. I had hurt my knee years ago from a snow skiing accident. I thought I just sprained it but 10 years later I still have problems with it. I wondered if my shoes have been adding pressure to my knee without realizing it. So with my health in mind I've set out to find good shoe.

Over the weekend my husband wanted to stop by REI. He's a huge REI fan. When we lived on the West Coast we use to do a lot of hiking in the Pacific Northwest. My husband is all about comfort and loves to wears Solomon shoes. Part of his job is to observe healthcare facilities so some days he's on his feet all day long. That's why a good comfy shoe ranks top of his list.

While browsing through the shoe section I came across these Dansko shoes. At first I passed them up because they weren't really my taste. I didn't think I would find anything for myself at REI but I became bored while waiting for my husband so I decided to try them on. As soon as my foot slipped into these shoes I was sold. They are one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. My feet were in heaven as I pranced around the shoe department. I loved them so much I purchased two pairs. I was worried how they would look with my attire but they looked great with my outfit.

Dansko was founded by husband and wife team Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup. I've included their story from youtube. I love the little clip of the dogs. Get it...shoe dogs, isn't that clever, ha!

Dansko sells more than just clogs but sandals, heels, boots, wedges, and flats. They are created to promote good foot, leg, and back health.

I purchased these Solstice Clog in a deep red. I looked for the picture of the same color but didn't come across it.

I also got the same Marcelle Cabrio Clog.

What are some of your favorite comfy shoes?


Ruth said...

I finally learned several years ago to find something cute and comfy or I wouldn't buy it.

Bella Michelle said...

Oh my goodness...we are twins! I have struggled with the style over comfort shoe war continually. I just bought a comfy pair of clogs, though they aren't as cute as I would like...they are comfy and warm with fur lining. Oh...and some how as I seem to have gained weight everywhere else...the balls of my feet (needed in those sky high heels) seem to have lost their is not fair! LOL

The Southern Lady said...

Good morning from Tokyo!

Since my little one was born, I've had to shelf my heels for the sake of practicality. Kitten heels are still fine, but for every day wear it's flats or boots with wedge heels.

They're all super comfortable and I'm able to dash around the city~after both children and if necessary, my husband. Tory Burch Reva's are the best! A close second are my Nine West flats and new boots from Uniqlo. It's taken some time, but I have found pretty and practical shoes.

Just like you!

A lovely day to you and yours...



Jo said...

I too have traded in comfort over cuteness. I’m standing most of the day on concrete floors covered with thin cheap carpeting. Not only are my feet sore but cold and it travels up my legs and settles into my back. My classroom isn’t going to change so I had to. I have several pairs of Danskos and the Land’s End version {actually like these much more} that I wear almost daily. My son calls them geriatric shoes for the young. :)